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Digiengland Provides Best Digital Marketing Course in Ludhiana with 36+ Modules in Our Masters in Digital Marketing Program. First We have to Understand the Term Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing refers to the promotion and advertising of products and services of various brands using one or more than one electronic mediums and channels that help the organization to analyze their marketing campaigns that in turn helps them to strategize better for the future and use their resources more effectively so as to achieve a more efficient working environment This digital marketing also promotes the more business standers and increase the level of your business profits .

Benefits of Digital Marketing Training From DIGIENGLAND

  • Get a job in the digital marketing company
  • Work as freelancer
  • Work as SEO Executive In A Company
  • Improved Search Engine Rankings
  • Make more money through Adsense and youtube
  • Start making money from Affiliate marketing

Total 36+ Modules To Be Covered In Our Digital Marketing Training In Ludhiana. Our Full Course is Designed to Make Sure That It Becomes Easy To Learn Even For Begginers.

Overview Of Digital Marketing

(SEO) Search Engine Optimization

(SEM) Search Engine Marketing

Website Introduction & Creation

(SMO) Social Media Optimization

(SMM) Social Media Marketing

E-mail Marketing

Image Editing Photoshop Basic

Google Analytics

Mobile Marketing

Video Editing

Affiliate Marketing

Lead Generation Techniques

Earning From Blogging & Youtube

Google Webmaster

10+ Assessment Tests

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Syllabus For Digital Marketing Course In Ludhiana

Overview Of Digital Marketing

In this Very First Module of Advanced Digital Marketing Course in Ludhiana, you will Learn the Basic Terms which are Very Important for the Advanced Learning of this Masters Course. This is the First Day of Your Class, which will be Completely Important For Your Knowledge, we can say it is the First Step to The Course.

Website Introduction

In this Module of Digital Marketing course in Chandigarh, you will Learn about Various Types of Websites, used in the World of Business these days such as Professional Websites, Business Websites as Well as E-Commerce Websites. The website basically include collection of many web pages which is also include text, Images, videos and many more terms. The website is that source which is helpful to build your business performance and Getting a Lot of Returns From It.

Website Designing

In this module of Our Digital Marketing & SEO Training in Ludhiana, you will learn how you can create the best and attractive website which will easily help you to increase the number of customers on your website. Our Advanced Digital marketing Institute in Ludhiana also tech about the website Designing and Creation. We also tell them how you make attractive websites with the help of simple tips and Tools. This is the reason most of the students like to Join Our Digital Marketing Course in Ludhiana.

SEO ( Search Engine Optimization)
Local SEO
Image Editing

A website can’t be Completed without the Use of Images. Images plays an Important Role in the Basic Structure of the Website and is Also important if You are Designing a Website. In this Module of Our SEO Training in Ludhiana, you will Learn to Design and Make Your Own Images for the Website, so that you don’t need to Hire a Professional Photographer to Design Images for your Websites on a Regular Basis. Image editing is the best source which is Used to Easily Explain Your Content to Public. Images Speaks Times More than Words.

Video Optimization

Our Digital marketing course in Ludhiana will also provide Training for  the video optimization which is helpful to improve the Rankings of Your Youtube Channel and We will also Teach some of the Techniques which will help to Easily Grow Your Youtube Channel within Few Weeks & Also Share some tips to increase consumers viewing experience.

Conrtent Marketing

This is the most important module of Our Digital marketing course in Ludhiana. Content Plays an Important Role in Any Website. A website is Just Content. A Content is a Deciding Power of a Website that How the Website will look to your visitor. Content will be playing a very well role if you want to make the website look Beautiful and Amazing. Our Best digital marketing Institute in Ludhiana Will give you a Complete Overview and and Practice Training to Design Content For your Website or in simple term you will learn Advanced Content Marketing Techniques.

SMO (Social Media Optimization)

In this Module of Our Digital Marketing Training in Ludhiana You will Learn to Market your Product, Brand or Business on Various Social Media Platforms Such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Social media marketing is the marketing Technique which promotes the goods and services to social media. Social Media marketing can Perform Good when you want to Make People Aware About Your Brand r or you want to Sell Something Using Social Media.

SMM (Social Media Marketing)
E Mail Marketing

In This Module Of Digital Marketing Course In Ludhiana With Fees, You Will Get Complete Knowledge On The Various Types Of Email Sending Websites And Software, Which Will Help You To Grab A Lead With The Help Of Emails. There Are Various Types Of Software Available Over The Internet. Some Of Them Are Free And Others Are Paid. This Is That Type Of Marketing Which Promotes The Messages Or Ideas Share Within Another Person With The Help Of E-Mail.

SMS Marketing

In This Module, Our Digital Marketing Institute Teaches You About How You Increase The Loyalty Of The Consumers With The Help Of SMS Marketing. You Will Get A Chance To Send Emails In A Bulk Way And Grab A Lot Of Customers With The Help Of SMS All Over The Internet.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics Is A Kind Of Free Tool Provided By The Google, Which Is Used To Track The Activities Of The User Over The Website. This Will Give You Complete Detail Of The Behavior Of The Customer And What Activities He/She Is Performing On The Web Pages.

Google Webmaster

In This Module Basically, Our Digital Marketing Institute In Ludhiana Will Teach You To Create And Manages A Website’s SEO Rankings With The Help Of This Free Google Tool. This Tool Is Very Important When It Comes To Analyzing The Reasons Why Our Website Is Not Ranking Properly Or Why Our Website’s Position Is Going Down.

Google Adwords
Lead Generation Techniques
Advanced Blogging Techniques
Affiliate Marketing
Earning From Adsense

If You Want To Earn Money From Adsense With The Help Of Blogging. Then Digiengland Tells You How  To Grow Your Blog

Earning From Freelancer


36+ Modules

6 Google Certificates

3 Google Analytics Certicicate

1 Mobile Sites

4 Facecook

1 Bing Ad Acreddit

7 Course in One Digital Marketing Course

* Web Designing


*Image Editing

*Video Editing

*Basic HTML

*Digital Marketing

*Black Hat Techniques

Your Google Certificates

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