What is Content writing

What is Content Writing?

Content writing is directly related to the websites. In traditional writing, we write for a book or for a newspaper or a magazine just the same we write in a digital form like on a tab or a computer. its mainly for the web. A digital form of writing. Content writing a big deal for today. it’s like a king in web hosting. a content writer always thinks on ideas for better and unique content for the web. as a customer give brief about his website’s content the main task of a content writer is to collaborate his thoughts and ideas with brief given by the website owners. it has a deep relation with SEO Campaigning. a deep focus on Keywords and text which is going to be used on the website. High-quality text content is definite goes threw the good keyword density resulted in Best SEO with high website ranking.

TYPES Of Content Marketing?

There are so many types of Content writing but here I mainly write about the main types of it. some are as follows:-

  • Technical Writing:- Technical writing is basic with the technical info which an author can provide with any technical knowledge of any product.
  • Ghost Writing:- Ghostwriting is something which you can do on behalf of the website’s owner or blogs owner.
  • Review Writing:- Review writing is to review any product and give your opinion on that whether it’s good or bad. just give your truthful opinion on that leads to attract targeted audience.
  • Blog writing:- Blog writing is to write on topics of your choice. some points need to be in mind while writing for the blog is to keep them fresh and good opinion which might be unique.
  • Travel writing:- A travel writing is always to write about your traveling experiences. it’s nice to give your valuable response according to your experience.
  • Seo based writing:- SEO based writing is to make a website rank higher.in this writer can write the content using his ability to use keywords. in simple words, search engine optimization is a term which is used to rectify any existed website or for a new website. only thing is to rank a website.
  • Press release writing:- Simply report any ongoing scenario to the audience for any company. it can be for a news which company wants to give to its clients or simply to defend their company in bad situations.
  • Research writing:- its all about writing on research done on any topic of the undergone project.
  • Book writing:- Book writing is like traditional book writing but in the terms of digital, it would be E-book.


There are many rules regarding Content writing but some important set of rules are given below:-

  1. Write minimum 300 words in an article.
  2. Always start your web content with the keyword in a title.
  3. Use LSI keywords in your content
  4. Use keyword prominence (typically used for starting the content with a keyword or in the first phase of the content.)
  5. Keywords density should be not more than 2% of the whole body content.
  6. Always reflect your Keywords in Heading.
  7. Use bold italic and underline for your keywords.
  8. The content matter should be Unique in all the forms.
  9. use external links in your content



There are many Benefits of Good Content writing, such as Content writing is basically you can rank your website or blog in top google searches. top position means more and more business and earnings.
good content on a website leads to good traffic on a website.

  1. Attracts targeted buyers for a product.
  2. Good quality content can lead to gain the faith of the targeted audience.
  3. It helps to make strong customer relationship.
  4. Helps to establish your company in good standing.
  5. Helps to improve strong SEO and online visibility.
  6. Tend your business to open the door of the opportunities to the world.

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