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If you want to learn Digital Marketing Course in Jalandhar, then welcome to Digiengland, your gateway to embark on your Digital Marketing journey. In the advancing digital age, growing in the field is vital for businesses and individuals. We are committed to empower you with the skills and knowledge essential to flourish in the domain. Whether you are an entrepreneur learning to build your online presence, a marketing fanatic wanting to become versed in the field, or a professional looking for a changeover; our comprehensive digital marketing course is custom-made to meet your requirements.
Digiengland is a Google-certified digital marketing institute that has successfully coached over 3600 students in the last 5 years. Along with the course we also offer live projects and placement drives to our students aiding their careers. Our main aim is to offer top-quality education to students aspiring to have a career in this field. Here we delve deeply in the major and minor topics ensuring our students gain the best skills to become faster in the field and begin a reputable career in the domain.

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Digital Marketing Institute In Jalandhar

Digiengland – Digital marketing institute in Jalandhar, we cover all major and minor topics which are necessary for the growth of any student in the field of digital marketing. Our Digital marketing institute is awarded as best SEO firm by clutch USA. Our mission is to provide the best educational services to students who actually want to start their career in this field. This is the reason, major companies in the region directly recruit our students for their companies. So what are you waiting for? Just give your career a boost. Join our free demo class program today.

30+ Modules Covered In One Course

We have got more than 30+ Modules covered in our program. 1 Course complete digital solution.

Google Certified Institute In Punjab

We are among Top Google Certified Partner Institute in Punjab, with 6+ Google Certifications.

100% Placement Assistance

We prepare our students to crack any type of Digital Marketing Interview. Provide regular Job updates as well.

Syllabus - Digital Marketing Course In Jalandhar

Our digital marketing course comprises over 30+ modules. Each module is committed to distinct facets and career prospects. A brief module run-through has been provided below:

This is the first and utmost important module of the course which delves into the fundamental aspects and modern trends. This pivotal concept is introduced during the free demo class. During this interactive session, students gain valuable cognizance of the latest tools, techniques and strategies driving  the digital realm. As the essence of digital marketing is dynamic this module bestows students with contemporary knowledge, ensuring they are at the forefront of the industry’s revolution. This extraordinary experience improves how they might interpret the subject as well as imparts trust in their capacity to successfully explore the perplexing universe of digital marketing. What the module includes:

–              Digital Marketing Overview

–              Digital Marketing’s Career Impact and Significance

–              Navigating Search Engines

–              Key Terminology

–              Global Digital Marketing Trends Hypothesis

–              Google’s Core Algorithm Insights

A website is the source for a business to speak to its customers.  In the domain of digital marketing, a website holds massive significance, as it is the basis for effective digital marketing practices. Therefore, mastering website design is paramount in our curriculum. We imbibe our students in creating varied types of WordPress websites ranging from designing for business platforms, news websites, and service websites to blogging platforms. Our comprehensive approach ensures that our students are well-prepared to tackle the dynamic nature of the digital landscape. What the module includes:

–              Comprehending Diverse CMS Platforms

–              Installation and Proficiency in WordPress

–              Crafting WordPress Websites

–              Explore Different Themes and Plugins

–              Profound Website Customization

In this module, you will gain knowledge about website ethics concerning WordPress as it is an essential aspect of digital marketing and online presence. . WordPress is a multifaceted platform known for its user-friendliness and flexibility. The set of moral principles governs the behavior and actions of businesses and individuals in the digital world. Understanding WordPress includes mastering its key features like customization via themes and plugins, post creation, and post creation. We help students gain technical expertise by helping them learn and design websites while exploring various characteristics of the domain. Our thorough learning method provides students with expertise in building, customizing, and maintaining dynamic websites. This module includes:

–              Learning about content responsibility

–              Designing a mobile and desktop-friendly website

–              Learning about data security

–              Knowledge about the updates

–              Comprehending post and page management

Learning to create an effective logo is a key skill as it is not just a graphic but is the visual embodiment of a brand’s identity and values. Creating a logo requires strategic thinking, creativity, and technical proficiency. We at Digiengland encourage students to think critically and creatively to create logos that resonate with the target audience. . Our faculty is committed to providing the knowledge, assets, and assistance needed by students to excel in the ever-evolving world of design.  We aim to make the students understand the psychology behind logo creations. By working on live projects and gaining practical experience students are prepared for the demands of the industryThe module consists:

–              Versatility and Scalability

–              Color psychology

–              Understanding branding

–              Designing fundamentals

–              Techniques to create an outstanding logo

Domain and hosting registration are the cornerstones in establishing an online presence; these are the building blocks of your website. Our curriculum guides you in understanding what a domain is, buying and learning about relevant domains, and choosing the right registrar. We aim to enable our students with skills for a booming online presence encouraging them to explore their creative side. Students gain expertise in choosing the best hosting as per the requirements, whilst focusing on main characteristics of hosting like storage, bandwidth, server location, and the availability of responsive customer support.  The module consists:

–              Understanding Domain

–              Domain and hosting history

–              Buying Domain & Hosting

–              Domain Management

–              Types of Hosting

Social Media Optimization is an indispensable category of social media presence and engagement in modern times. In this module we leave no stone unturned, we upskill our students by thoroughly providing them with knowledge about the platforms’ algorithms and their features, profile optimization.  . Our module is comprised of the understanding of major social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest.   Guidance on  how to write authentic content for specific platforms, and competitor analysisMastering these aspects can help build a strong online presence and engage with the audience. Our team believes in assisting students by learning better with a hands-on approach and actionable knowledge that can be immediately put into practice. The module is comprised of detailed knowledge in:

–              Organic growth strategies

–              Platform Specific Insights

–              Targeting the right audience

–              Using the best tools for success

–              Understanding the algorithms

SMM is the strategic aspect of digital marketing used for promoting products, services, and brands.  In this vital module, we delve into the realm of social media marketing giving you the skills and knowledge required to capture customers and clients through paid advertising. . The module gives expertise to students in areas, of audience segmentation and targeting, ad budgeting and bidding strategies, ad performance analysis, and platform-specific advertising. The practicum encloses a range of topics, composed of Facebook ads, Snapchat ads, Twitter ads, LinkedIn ads, and Instagram ads. By understanding the complexities of every platform’s advertising framework, understanding the target audience, and comprehending ad creation and optimization, you will be well prepared to advance your website or business successfully on the web. The module comprises awareness in:

–              Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Snapchat ads.

–              Targeting and Audience Discovery

–              Ad varieties

–              Lead generation

–              Strategies for boosting followers, video views, and profile growth

Visual and eye-pleasing content is an integral part of marketing. Canva is a web-based graphic design platform that allows you to create invitations, business cards, posts, flyers, backgrounds, and more professional templates. At Digiengland we understand the need and ability to create enchanting graphics and visuals. We give our students the opportunity to explore their creative side by branding and design to match their individual preferences. The module includes:

–              Understanding the Design Canvas

–              Working with different Elements

–              Navigating Canva Dashboard

–              Customizing Elements

–              Keyboard shortcuts

E-mail marketing is a powerful tool to connect and build a personalized network with your customers. Building the right database and pinpointing the right audience are the fundamentals of effective email marketing. In this module, we equip our students with a comprehensive understanding of various email marketing tools,  crafting emails, and scheduling campaigns. We tutor our students to gain an understanding of how email campaigns can be employed for lead generation, better customer relations, product promotion, or sharing valuable content. Key features of this module:

–              Hands-on Experience with e-mail campaigns

–              Email analytics

–              Tool for e-mail marketing

–              Crafting Engaging Newsletters for Email Marketing

–              Leveraging Mailchimp for Large-Scale Email Dispatch

–              Comprehending the Basics of Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)

–              Aggregating User Databases for Marketing Initiatives

SMS Marketing is a strategy that has been used for several years. It involves sending concise messages to a large targeted audience.It allows companies to reach a large scale of customers with impactful messages. The marketing method is personalized and involves high engagement, versatility, and trackable results. At Digiengland we give insights on how to reach a target audience, select the right software, and design concise and impactful messages. Key components of the module:

–              Using SMS marketing software

–              Audience Data Collection

–              Diverse SMS Marketing Types

–              Distinguishing Promotional and Transactional SMS

–              Generating Comprehensive Reports for Sent SMS

Google Ads is the cornerstone of digital advertising. It is a dynamic tool that helps reach a global audience, achieve advertising and marketing goals, and drive traffic. These are advertised in mobile apps, on YouTube, and on websites. Moreover, the results are measurable. At our institute, we focus on making our students familiar with various strategies and delve into a deeper understanding of the platform. We understand that Google AdWords is pivotal for anyone wanting to shine in the dynamic and competitive domain of online advertising. The key components are:

–              Learning and Understanding of Google Adwords platform

–              How to run different types of Ads

–              Meaning and formulas of related terminologies

–              Designing the Ad

–              Keyword management

Google Analytics is an essential asset in the field of online business success. It helps businesses track and measure their online performance. users gain real-time insights into visitor behavior, traffic sources, and more. Our faculty ensures to make students understand the working and analyzing process of Google Analytics. Moreover, the students are made familiar with user behavior, traffic sources, content performance, and many more.

–              Learn about real-time analytics

–              Get familiar with the platform

–              Funnel analysis

–              Campaign tracking and marketing channels

–              Audience segmentation

Also known as Google Search Console is an invaluable tool for website owners and marketers; as it serves as a bridge between the Google search engine and website administrators. At Digiengland we delve into a deeper understanding of the webmaster platform and teach our students how to analyze performance and errors and use the best strategies for optimization. We believe in giving our students skillful knowledge in this module so they can perform better in SEO.

–              Sitemaps

–              Structured data insights

–              Indexing insights

–              Error recognition and resolution

–              Understanding the crawling status and fixing errors

Blogging is a powerful avenue for online entrepreneurs and students to enhance their website ranking. Optimized and well-designed blogs attract more traffic thus leading to monetization through clicks. It requires strategic and authentic content creation, informative and engaging blogs, and choosing the right keywords. The module indulges in:

–              Establishing an Impressive and Comprehensive blog

–              Selecting the appropriate themes for Adsense

–              Analysing competitive insights

–              Getting familiar with themes and trends

–              Sourcing fresh blogging content

Where it is considered to be a complex marketing technique it is a rather simple commission-based earning formula. It serves as a symbiotic partnership between individuals and companies, benefitting both parties. It is a dynamic concept where individuals take authority to convince potential customers to buy a company’s products and services, and the company pays these affiliators in the form of a commission. This module has particularly gained interest among our students who want to explore lucrative side income opportunities.

–              Understanding Affiliate Marketing

–              Earnings in Affiliate Marketing

–              Eligibility criteria for  Affiliate Marketing

–              Unpacking the Concept of CPL (Cost Per Lead)

–              Applying for Programs like Commission Junction and V                      Commission

–              Over 10 Tips for Boosting Traffic and Increasing Earnings

–              Grasping the Notion of CPA (Cost Per Action)

–              Discovering High-Impact Keywords for Enhanced Sales                       and Lead Generation

–              Simple Steps to Kickstart Earnings in Affiliate Marketing

SEO is the Most Important Module of Our Digital Marketing Course in Jalandhar & cornerstone of the digital marketing domain. It helps with increased organic traffic, enhanced ranking at SERP, and builds credibility. Understanding and using the right techniques of on-page and off-page to get successful results in SEO is an integral part of our learning curriculum. Our module includes live hands-on practical sessions for the successful training of our students.

–              Answering the question of what is SEO and understanding its working

–              Google’s  algorithm

–              Onpage and Offpage SEO

–              Understanding meta tags

–              Robots and sitemaps

–              Linking strategies

–              Keyword planner usage

–              Using various SEO tools

Google is a globally recognized search engine. It has made improvements by continuous innovations and enhancements to provide its users with an unparalleled experience. Google’s regular updates have overarching implications on website rankings in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). It is essential for our students to recognize the profound influence of these updates on website rankings in SERPs.

–              Comprehending Google’s Complex Algorithms

–              Exploring the Panda Update and Its Influence

–              Unraveling the Importance of Pigeon, Penguin, and Rank Brain Updates

–              The Impact of Updates on Website Performance

–              Insights into Google’s Fred Update

–              Delving into the Patterns of Google’s Panda Updates

Keywords are the phrases and words typed in search engines by users to seek the information, product, and service they need. Understanding and utilizing the right keywords is an integral part of building a presence online. Here at Digiengland we delve into understanding keyword analysis, keyword research tools, and competition analysis. The module comprises of:

–              Search Volume Data

–              Competitive Analysis

–              Longtail keyword identification

–              Discovering High Performing Keywords

–              Keyword Research tool

AdSense opens doorways to broad income sources and opportunities. An approval is required from Google AdSense to generate income through blogs and YouTube. This works when creators ads are shared and they earn income via ad clicks or impressions. This module is a valuable compass guide for individuals wanting to get AdSense approval for their channels and websites. Our main focus is content optimization, website and channel enhancement, SEO strategies, and earning from Google’s perspective. Key features of the module are:

–              Understanding Google AdSense

–              Requirements needed to meet Google AdSense approval

–              Google AdWords vs Google Analytics

–              Understanding CPC (Cost Per Click)

–              Selecting Ad size for more clicks

In the competitive field of digital marketing, understanding  Google’s power is an essential objective. The compass guides organizations and advertisers through the many-sided labyrinth of the advanced scene. Whether you’re endeavoring to climb SERPs, catch a portion of the overall industry, or beat your opponents, Competition analysis is your key to success in the online world. With experiences and information, they can explore the way to progress with certainty, eventually prompting a more grounded web-based presence and an upper hand that separates them in the computerized domain.

–              Tools for analysis

–              SERP Ranking and CTR

–              Advertising Strategies

–              Keyword and content analysis

–              Competition Identification and understanding.

Freelancing is a multifaceted opportunity where individuals work independently for their clients. . It requires the understanding of the ecosystem from identifying potential clients to delivering outstanding results. We recognize that freelancing in digital marketing requires more than just technical knowledge

–              Navigation and project bidding

–              Exploring platforms

–              Project management

–              Building portfolio

–              Sending in the right proposals

YouTube is a global platform for creators and businesses and with a huge number of videos it is likely that your content might get lost. Therefore simply uploading a video is not sufficient, you need to make sure that your video is visible to your audience too. We recognize how resilient it can be for newbies and so we aim to guide our students with the best knowledge and strategies to engage and build a loyal audience.

–              Keyword research

–              Compelling titles

–              Thumbnail designing

–              Video length and quality

–              Engagement metrics

YouTube is a platform used by billions for entertainment purposes. It indulges in factors like user engagement, video quality, and relevance to keep the algorithm. What you will learn in this module:

–              Understanding of watch time

–              Understanding engagement and audience retention

–              Quality content

–              Personalization and Keyword research

–              Experimentation

Blogging is a method used to generate income onaline and share knowledge with the society. It requires regular publishing of fresh and authentic content to retain your audience and explore different monetization methods.

–              Networking

–              Learning about different monetization methods

–              Crafting authentic content

–              Building and audience

–              Choosing the right niche for yourself

Photoshop is not just an image editing tool, it is used for much more; it is a graphic software in the digital realm; it is used by photographers, designers, and artists globally. We understand the necessity of digital art and illustration in the domain and we aim at coaching you all the features from basic to advanced so that you can create graphics and designs transcending your imagination. The key components of the module are:

–              Familiarity with the interface

–              Exploring and using different tools

–              Logo Designing

–              Creating banners and posts for social media and websites

–              Applying graphics for digital marketing

With a user base of millions WhatsApp marketing gives you a chance to connect with your target audience and advance your business. With the introduction of channels, it has become more feasible to engage with your audience. In this module, we will help you explore leveraging WhatsApp marketing for your business.

–              Filtering and Collecting Data

–              Targeting the right customer base

–              Messaging Strategies

–              Lead Generation

–              Building your brand via WhatsApp marketing

Videos are a way to express and engage with your audience. A catchy video brings simple understanding and high engagement. It is a dynamic and effective tool for building an audience in the digital realm. At Digiengland we help you understand the tools and how to use them effectively for crafting compelling and attractive videos.

–              Video promotion Strategies

–              Creating compelling videos with software

–              How to choose the right royalty-free music

–              Video promoting strategies

–              How to convey a message via videos

Artificial Intelligence also known as machine learning is in great demand and a basic skill needed in this era. It has a wide application in all segments, and in the digital world it plays a significant role. In the digital realm AI plays a crucial role; analyzing the data, SEO, email marketing, and advertising all have AI applications in them. What you will learn in this module:

–              Basics and Understanding of AI

–              Using AI for content writing

–              Leveraging AI in video marketing

–              Voice Search Optimization

–              Predictive analysis

With billions of users and creators turning their passion into profit, YouTube monetization is a gateway for creators. Many creators earn income by self-merchandising, affiliate marketing, channel memberships, Ad revenues, and sponsored content. We make sure to delve into the topic in depth provide detailed insights to our students and encourage them to earn from their passion.

–              Understanding the YouTube platform as a source of income

–              Content planning

–              Thumbnail designing

–              Choosing your niche

–              Different methods to earn from the platform

After completing the Digital Marketing course in Jalandhar from Digiengland, the journey doesn’t just end here. At our institute, we believe in applying the knowledge gained practically. We help you gain practical experience and provide professional guidance so that all your questions are answered. This is a special module designed to help you prepare for the competitive world.

–              Industry insights

–              Handling and answering technical questions

–              Building Confidence

–              Familiarity with different scenarios

–              Mock Interviews

Our Student Reviews

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Arsh Sandhu
Arsh Sandhu
Supportive staff
Chaitanya Dhawan
Chaitanya Dhawan
It has been wonderful working with digiengland
Digiengland is the best digital marketing institute in Jalandhar. If you want to do digital marketing course in jalandhar then you can go with digiengland.
Priya Suman
Priya Suman
If you want to do digital marketing course then I recommend you to visit digiengland Institute in jalandhar. I have done my digital marketing course from digiengland. Honey sir, yogesh sir and shiv sir explained all the things in very details. I would like to thanks all the teachers for this wonderful experience.
Tirath Singh
Tirath Singh
It's was great experience 🙏🏻
Jaspreet Kaur
Jaspreet Kaur
Best institute for giving proper guidance regarding Digital marketing⭐👍🏻
Bapi Ruidas
Bapi Ruidas
Best place for learn digital marketing course in Jlanadhar
digiengland provides the best digital marketing course in jalandhar. highly recommended
Best digital marketing institute in Jalandhar
Parneet Gill
Parneet Gill
I would suggest digiengland, the best digital marketing institute in Jalandhar. It helped me in upgrading my skills to earn some part time income.



Digital Marketing Course Fee and Duration

Digital Marketing Course in JalandharDetails
Duration2-3 months
Class TimingsPer Class 2 Hour
BatchesMonday – Saturday
Mobile Number+91-7888854547
Course FeeINR 27,000



FAQ - Answers To Your Questions

At Digiengland digital marketing institute you will get to know about all the major and minor modules of digital marketing right from google Adword to Instagram followers. We cover everything extensively in our 26 to 36+ module course. Some of the major modules are SEO, SMO, SMM, Google ads, Facebook Ads, Youtube Marketing, Freelancing, Google Adsense, etc. You don’t need to learn anything else after the course. we also provide 120 Hours Computer Training for Govt. Jobs

The fee structure is flexible and easy to pay. First, every student is offered to attend 2 days of free demo class, after which he/she can decide to join or not. The total fee to complete our digital marketing training in Jalandhar is Rs. 27,000/-, which you can pay in 2 easy instalments. This is a professional course and important for your career and future. Thus invest your time in learning the best things in 3 months.

🔹 Fees for Advanced Digital Marketing Course
– 2 Emi = Rs.30 000
(Rs.15000/- each)
– 1 Time Payment = Flat 3000 Off = Rs. 27000

🔹 Duration = 2-3 Months (On Average)

🔹 Membership Period = 1 Year Free Membership For Revision Of Any Topic

(Membership Renew for 1 year 6500Rs. Extra)

🔹 Notes = Provided Online For Each Topic

🔹 Demo Classes = 2Days Absolutely Free

Yes, every student is eligible for a free demo class. Our institute openly welcomes every student. Thus, you just have to call our digital marketing institute and fix date and time of your class. Bring a notebook, pen during class and enjoy your time at Digiengland.

Digital marketing is full of opportunities. Total 26 modules mean 26 types of job profiles are available for you to choose from. Every student is trained according to market situations, we make sure to provide best and live training to students thus, you get the opportunity to work as
1. SEO executive
2. Google Adword manager
3.PPC expert
4.Social media marketing manager
5. Content writer/ Blog writer
6. WordPress / Website designer
7. Digital marketing executive
8.Youtube channel and optimizer
9. Website auditor job
10. Work as a freelancer
All you have to choose, which job you want to choose.

100% yes, you are our students. We care about you, you are warmly welcome to ask for jobs and placements even while pursuing your training. As the best digital marketing institute, companies all over the Jalandhar region directly coordinate with institutes in order to get the best students for their business. You can check out recent active jobs available.

Digital marketing is all about practical knowledge. If any digital marketing institute in Jalandhar is asking for theories. Just stay away, our digital marketing course in Jalandhar is specially designed by industry experts to cover all major modules practically. Every student is given at least 2 live projects to work upon and one can also choose to sit around expert and watch the real-time workings of experts on live projects. So yes, our institute provides every student with a 100% real-time practical experience.  

Digiengland is govt approved, ISO certified, Google Premier Partner digital marketing institute, thus every student is provided with 4-5 google certifications, 1 facebook certification, and digiengland experience learning certification. This will help you to apply directly for a job after course completion.

Only industry experts will be your teachers. Majorly our teachers work regularly over different digital marketing projects, thus they are experts in regular updates and working of the project. They have complete and vast knowledge in their own respective fields and will also share some of the tactics which will make you different from other students in other institutes. As industry leaders of providing digital marketing course in Jalandhar, Punjab. They had independently built and worked with clients from various fields such as doctors, lawyers, tour& travel companies, hotels, etc.

Yes, of course, you will be given notes for every important topic, to use it even after the course. After you enroll, you get your notes via email, and also you can prepare your notes sitting in the classroom. Our digital marketing course in Jalandhar is designed in such a way that it becomes easy for even beginners to learn from zero levels. Time duration is not a foundation at digiengland, you can join revision classes at any time.

yes, we provide 1 year free membership to students

Yes, you can ask as many questions and doubts even after course. You can also attend revision classes for your particular topic free of cost till 1 year after course completion.

We will provide laptops at the institute, but if you have a personal laptop then it will be beneficial to you. Home practice can be done sitting at home. Our digital marketing course in Jalandhar is also available online, one can also learn from live digital marketing classes sitting at home.

Tapaswini: I have done my Digital Marketing course from here. Good Senior Management as they are always there to help you. Here I have learned a lot about Digital marketing from PPC to website development and SEO. In the present era, Digital marketing is necessary. It will help you to grow your business digitally. It was an excellent experience with Digiengland, I recommend their digital marketing course in Jalandhar. They also teach me how to use moz.

Vikas Kumar: Thank you DIGIENGLAND for helping me out in choosing the right career option with your dedicating guidance and 24×7 support. Shiv sir and Honey sir are true mentors. Their friendly nature help students to jell along well and solve the problems in the best way possible.

Ravi Sharma: Digiengland is the best Digital Marketing centre in Jalandhar where I learned about making websites and many more helping tricks that are helpful in real life. The teachers have a very helpful nature. Digiengland ranked No.1 on google, This is the main reason why am join Digiengland. They also provide live projects & job after they complete the course. I recommended it to all if you want to learn Digital Marketing then Digiengland is the Best Place.

Taranpreet Kaur: I have complete my course from digiengland. I know it’s very difficult to choose which is the best digital marketing course in Jalandhar. before joining digiengland, am search on google best digital marketing institute, then I see digiengland ranked no.1 on google and the rating of digiengland is 5/5.

Lakhwinder Singh: I had a great experience in learning digital marketing from Digiengland. The trainers were superb they explained properly about each and every module.I strongly recommend Digiengland for anyone looking to get into Digital Marketing Field.

Aasha Rawat: I am doing digital marketing from here this is a great institute for digital marketing and here is a very good syllabus and my trainer is shiv sir & honey sir he trained us the right way and as well as he behaves friendly. I had a great experience in learning digital marketing from digiengland.

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