what is sitemap


A Sitemap is Basically a Page or Post which Contain Links to the whole Website within it. This is Done to Make it Easy for Google Bot to Visit each & Every Page of the Website through these links.  It is a Type of Schema that Structures the Title, Content & Tags of The Website. Sitemaps are Most Important Asset For Your website/ blog. A sitemap is Used BOTH By Google as well as Visitors to the Website. A Sitemap Hels in Guiding the Visitor to Various Pages, Contact, Blog Pages.



There are Few Methods to Make Sitemap. A sitemap is Actually a File which is Designed in Most Easy & Most Understandable Language for Googlebot, which is XML. Thus a Sitemap is Sometimes Called Sitemap.XML File.

If You are Using Some CMS Like WordPress, Drupal or Joomla, then it’s Very Easy to Generate & Submit a Sitemap. This Can Be Done with the Help of Various Plugins available in the WordPress & other CMS Systems. The Few of them is Google Sitemap.XML – Plugin. This Plugin makes It Easy for Even Beginner to Submit & Generate Sitemap into Website.


If You are Not Using Some CMS Systems, then You have to Submit the Sitemap File Manually Direct to The File Manager or Root Directory Of Your Website.

Steps to Generate Sitemap. Xml File

  1. Go to Website – https://www.xml-sitemaps.com/
  2. Fill up Your Website URL in the Search Box.
  3. When You Write URL in Submit Box then this Web site will Automatically Crawl all the Pages & Posts of Your Website Or Blog & Prepare a Sitemap.XML File Of Your Website.
  4. Download the File Prepared on This Website
  5. Now Open Your C Panel
  6. Go To File Manager
  7. Click on public_html Folder
  8. Upload the Sitemap.XML File Here

This Was the Process to Upload & Create Sitemap File on the FTP Account. Now You have to Give This Sitemap.XML Link in the Footer. This is Very Simple Step:-

  1. Check that the Sitemap is Working by Typing: YourDomain/sitemap.xml
  2. If You Got a Page Containing Links to Your Website it means Your Website Sitemap is Working.
  3. Just Go to Footer & Hyperlink this Page Link in the Footer with The name of Sitemap.

Benefits of Sitemap.xml


  1. Help in SEO:- The Sitemap alwaysHelp in SEO Of a Website, The Reason Being the Sitemap makes it Very Easy for Google Bot to Travel in the Website & Differnt Pages & Posts.
  2. A sitemap is the Easiest Language for a Googlebot to Understand. If Your Website is Interlinked Properly then This will help in Transferring the Page Authority of Different Pages on each Other.Which will Help Your Website in Ranking in Google Results Easily?
  3. Efficient Crawling:- The sitemap is Easy to Crawl, because every Link of Website is Present on the Page.
  4. Content is an Important thing of website & OIs also Important that Every Page Post & Content should be Properly Crawled by The Googlebot. The Sitemap makes It very Easy for Crawler to Navigate all the pages of the Website BVery Easily.
  5. Content Modification:- If Your Website is Updating Content on the Website on a Regular Basis then it is Very Important that You should have an Updated Sitemap.XML File within Your Website. A Well Knit Website is Easy to Navigate To Google & Your SEO Results Becomes Fast with the Help Of Sitemap Page.

Conclusion:- Sitemap Plays an Important Role in Google Crawling as Well as SEO Of Your Website. I Personally Suggest You Generate & Submit a Sitemap.XML File on Your Website. Although, Apart from This the Google Webmaster also Ask to Submit Sitemap File of Your Website. Hope You Have Enjoyed Reading This Article. This Article is Made Possible By Website Designers Jalandhar – Shiv Mehra

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