what is seo

What is SEO?

SEO Stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a process to improve your Google search results ranking. SEO Helps to gain a organic traffic to your website, SEO helps to top on your website in search results like as Google, Bing, Yahoo, & some others search engines.

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Why does a website need an SEO?

SEO is necessary for all website owners, SEO helps to increase their own business by search results, if you want to sell your products online then SEO is compulsory. People only search for this own products what he wants not your website so SEO helps to increase your search engine ranking.

The major portion of web traffic is driven by the major search engines like Yahoo, Bing, Google. This is genuine whether the websites about provide any type of services or sell anything. There are many search engines and all are smarts, however, regardless they require help. Search engines are always working on how to improve their technology to crawl your website for better results. Be that as it may, there is an utmost to how web indexes work. While great SEO can get you a large number of visitors and which can expand consideration,  the bad techniques or black hat SEO can get you great results for some time but in future can cover your website down in search engine results, where visibility is negligible. To make content available to all search engines, day to day update your content then you increase your ranking in search results. SEO has some offline techniques like as getting a backlink from various websites


  1. On page SEO

  2. Off page SEO

On Page SEO

Title Tag:- The title tag is the most important factor effect on SEO. Your main focus keyword is used on your title they help to increase your website Rankings in Search Engine Results

Meta Description:– The meta description is also effected by your SEO. A meta description is the second major Factor which affects the SEO. It is the short content description of your website. meta description its like as newspaper headline

Content with Keywords:- Try to write a unique content with your 2% keywords include in this content, try to write a long content for your blog to get better results.

Compressed Images:- Make a Habit before uploading any pictures first compress that picture by online tools after compressing write a keyword under image alt text then upload this image to your website

Fast Loading Pages:- Make sure that your Website is Loading Faster. Google always prefer to Rank a website which load in Less time & is mobile Responsive & User-Friendly.

Interlinking:-  One of the most Important factor effect on your SEO is interlinking. Per page has 2 internal links and 1 external links is necessary for a good SEO.

Alt Tags in Images:- alt tag is used in images. So make a Habit to Properly Insert alt tags & Keywords before uploading any image or video its help to increase your ranking.

H1 Tag:-  H1 tag is the most important factor which effects on SEO. Per page and per post the H1 is necessary for optimizing your website

These are Just a Few Methods which affects SEO Of your Website. Read Our Article on Total Number of Factors Affecting SEO – 200 Complete List



  • Blog commenting:- Blog commenting is the easy way to create a backlink to our websites, you visit any blog below the comment section fill up your name and your comment or the website URL is most important to create a backlink and press ok to submit button.
  • Article submission:- Article submission are those site you visit article submission websites and write an article under the article you put your website link then after the approval of your article backlink is generated.
  • Directory submission:- Directory submission is the way of changing the links or reciprocal the links, open any directory submission site and submit a link put your name your email id or your website URL after the submission backlink is generated.
  • Forum Posting:- Forum Posting is Just Like Article Submission. The main Difference in case of Forum Posting is that the Forum Posting is a Post that we write on a Particular Topic for some Other Blog & The Owner of that Particular Blog Allows Us to Write Post for Them& Publish the Same One on His Website/ Blog
  • Pdf submission:- Visit pdf submission website like as (sliderocket.com ) then submit your pdf with your website URL after submission backlink is generated.
  • Image submission:- We have many good image submission sites like as Pinterest, Photobucket etc visit any image submission website or your related topic post image with website URL after image submission backlink is generated.
  • Video submission:-Video submission is good Method to Generate Backlink to your websites. Submit a Video on various Image Submission Websites Like Youtube, Vimeo, Etc.


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