Tips To Overcome Google Penalty 2024

Reasons for Google Penalty?

Google punishment is a discipline which is given by the google. If we suffer google penalty then it will totally damage your all process. There are many reasons which define that why you suffer google penalty like:-


  • Buying links
  • Excessive reciprocal links
  • Duplicate content
  • Overusing H1 tags
  • Links from sites in another language
  • Keyword stuffed content
  • Footer links
  • Missing sitemap data
  • Hidden links
  • Broken external links
  • Scraped content
  • Website timing out or down
  • Keyword domains
  • Overusing meta keywords
  • Comment spam
  • Too many outbound links
  • Error codes
  • Domain has a bad reputation
  • Targeted keywords


There are many steps with the help of we easily find out the website penalized.

  • Check Indexing
    this is the easy and best way to find out the google penalty on your website
    On the off chance that your site was at that point ordered into the Google look pages, and now is lost without a trace, a vast punishment or a boycotting is the main conceivable reason. In the event that your site is spic and span, remember that it takes anyplace from multi-day to seven days to be listed, so don’t freeze if your new site has not shown up yet.
  • Check Google Webmaster Tools
    when you are Log in your Google webmaster tools and you check the notifications. then with the help of google webmaster tool, you easily check your penalized website.
  •  Check Keywords
    On the off chance that you have seen a drop in your site movement, however, it shows up when entering hyper-particular questions in Google, then more chances are that you may be suffering from a partial penalty.
  • Check Pagerank
    with the help of PageRank you easily find out the website penalized means if your page ranking is very slow then more chances you suffer website penalty Remember that Pagerank is once in a while refreshed, so later any ongoing punishments may not demonstrate a decline in page rank immediately.
  • Check Your Visitors
    Google investigation is an awesome place to see your activity and get a thought of when the movement began to drop. Inquire a while in the event that you need to, however, discover when the lessening happened or began happening so you can start dealing with the conceivable issues.


Step 1: collecting backlink data
Step 2: documenting your work:-
Contact Name
Contact Email Address
Website Contact Form
Twitter URL
Facebook URL
Google+ URL
LinkedIn URL
Step 3: spotting low-quality links
Step 4: finding webmaster contact details
Step 5: reaching out to webmasters
Step 6: the disavow tool
Step 7: submitting the reconsideration request
Step 8: sit back and wait

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