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DIGIENGLAND is among Best Computer Training Institute In Jalandhar Provides Best MS Office Training in Jalandhar. We know Microsoft Office is a Software which is specially designed for the office & business use. This a complete Microsoft Property which is released in 1990.  Our Computer Coaching Institute in Jalandhar Mainly Focus on Advanced & Basic Computer Courses comprises of Ms Word, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint, MS Outlook. The Microsoft is the Firstmost Basic Demand of each and every company or anywhere where you want to get a job. The computer knowledge is must these days because as well all know 70% of office work completely depends on a PC. There are a number of best computer courses in Jalandhar.

Syllabus for Our Best computer institute in Jalandhar is as Follows:-


  1. Introduction to computer and windows
  • History of Computer
  • Components of Computer
  • Introduction to Microsoft Windows
  • Basic components of a computer system – Control Unit, ALU, I/ O Devices, memory – RAM, ROM, EPROM, PROM, Flash Memory and other types of memory.


  1. Windows
  • Windows concepts, features, windows structure, desktop, taskbar, start menu, my computer, Recycle Bin.
  • Windows Accessories – Calculator, Notepad, Paint, WordPad, Character map.
  • Windows Explorer – Creating folders and other Explorer facilities.
  • Entertainment – CD Player, DVD Player, Media Player, Sound Recorder, Volume Control.


  1. Word Processing: MS Word
  • Introduction to Word Processing
  • Introduction to MS Word: features, Creating, Saving and Opening documents in Word, Interface,

Toolbars, Ruler, Menus, Keyboard Shortcut.

  • Editing a Document – Moving, Scrolling in a document, Opening Multi-document windows, Editing

Text – Selecting, Inserting, deleting, moving text.

  • Previewing documents, Printing documents – Print a document from the standard toolbar, Print a

document from the menu, shrinking a document to fit a page, Reduce the number of pages by one.

  • Formatting Documents: Paragraph formats, Aligning Text and Paragraph, Borders and Shading, Headers

and Footers, Multiple Columns.


  1. Worksheet: MS Excel
  • Worksheet basics
  • Creating a worksheet, entering data into a worksheet, heading information, data, text, dates, Cell formatting

values, saving & protecting the worksheet.

  • Opening and moving around in an existing worksheet
  • Toolbars and Menus, keyboard shortcuts
  • Working with single and multiple workbooks – coping, renaming, moving, adding and deleting, coping

entries and moving between workbooks

  • Working with formulas & cell referencing.

– Autosum

– Copying formulas

– Absolute & Relative addressing

  • Working with ranges – creating, editing and selecting ranges, sorting.
  • Formatting of the worksheet – Autoformat, changing – alignment, character styles, column width, date

format, borders &colours, currency signs.

  • Previewing & Printing worksheet – Page setting, Print titles, Adjusting margins, Page break, headers and


  • Graphs and charts – using wizards, various charts type, formatting grid lines & legends, previewing &

printing charts.

5. Presentation Graphics: MS PowerPoint

  • Features and various versions
  • Creating a presentation using Slide master and template in the various color scheme
  • Working with different views and menus of power point
  • Working with slides – Make new slide, move, copy, delete, duplicate, the lay outing of a slide, zoom in or out

of a slide.

  • Editing and formatting text: Alignment, editing, inserting, deleting, selecting, formatting of text, find

and replace text.

  • Bullets, footer, paragraph formatting, spell checking.
  • Printing presentation – Print slides, notes, handouts, and outlines.
  • Inserting Objects – Drawing and inserting objects using Clip Art’s pictures and charts.
  • Custom Animation – slide transition effects and other animation effects.
  • Presenting the show – making stand-alone presentation


6. Advanced Internet Surfing

Evolution, Protocols, Interface Concepts, Internet Vs Intranet, Growth of Internet, ISP, Connectivity – Dial-up, Leased line, VSAT etc. URLs, Domain names, Portals, Application.E-Mail • Concepts, POP and WEB Based E-mail, merits, address, Basic of Sending & Receiving, E-mail Protocols, Mailing List, and Free E-mail services, FTP.


7. World Wide Web (WWW)

  • History, Working, Web Browsers, Its functions, Concept of Search Engines. Searching the Web, HTTP, URLs, Web Servers, Web Protocols.




Best basic computer training institute in Jalandhar, Punjab


Best Microsoft MS Office Training Institute to learn and improve your skills. The best thing is the way the teacher explains each topic with live demonstrations.
they do hard work to help students achieve success and Motivational lectures given by them are outstanding, much to my satisfaction with this computer coaching center in Jalandhar


Among Complete List of Computer Institutes in Jalandhar, I Choose DIGIENGLAND because they make me completely understand how the things actually work. I got completely satisfied when I visited this computer coaching institute & thus now a student for MS office training in Jalandhar.

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