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 Introduction: – We are here to show you List Of Top 5 Computer Course After 12th or Arts, Commerce Students 2018-2019. Nowadays there are many high paying job opportunity openings for those who did some computer courses after 12th. So if you have a question in mind that “Is it right to do the computer course after metric or 10+2” Then yes, we suggest you to go for it. If You complete You School Study, Then You are confused which is the best course after 12th commerce or any other stream. then we provide list of all computer courses after 12th arts or other streams which is the best for You.

There are many parents who suggest their children go for graduation or to do some preparation for some high posts like ISI, CA etc. That’s why there is more competition as compared to other fields. One thing we want to share with you that you can also make a huge income after doing the right computer course after 12th Science

You just have to choose a particular computer course according to your interest and also according to needs and demands of future market or economy. It means you need to do that computer course which is more demanding and also it relates to your interest as well.

Today computer skill is taking 1st priority if you go for any job interview. So what will happen if you got to master in that computer course which is more demanding and paying high income with low competition? But there are many computer courses from which you can choose after 10th or 12th that’s why most of the students got confused about taking the decision to choose the right course.

Before you go for computer course after 12th you have to know the list of top high paying and more demanding computer courses. With this article, we will help you to understand which computer courses are the demand of the future world and also we will introduce you List Of Top 5 Computer Course After 12th or Arts, Commerce Students 2018-2019. So that it is very easy for you to decide the course after 12th.

List Of Top 5 Computer Course After 12th 2019-2020 For 12th students computer course is not to learn the basic of computer education, it’s meant to be the skilled person in the field of computer or IT sector. But Don’t be worried about that because we are here to show you list of the top computer that you can do after 12th class completion.

List Of Computer Course After 12th

  • Certification In Digital marketing: – Digital marketing is a kind of promotion or marketing of any product or any business using online techniques. On the other hand digital marketing boosting any business or service website to the top of Google search results. Doing digital marketing course is the best option for you after 12th Arts, Commerce or Science. Because there are many of Opportunity which will provide you with high paying jobs in 2018-2019. There are many types of digital marketing courses you can choose from. Maximum course duration is 6 months, so we can say that you are able to get the best high paying job in just after the 6-month course.  We provide Digital marketing course in Jalandhar

Certification In Digital Marketing Includes:-

  • Search Engine Optimization{SEO}
  • Search Engine Marketing{SEM}
  • Social Media Marketing{SMM}
  • Email Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Web Analytics etc.
  • Certification In Web development:- Web development is also a better choice for those who want to get a job in less time. You can complete this course in less than 6 months and able to get a job which will pay you the better amount of money. Because nowadays everyone wants to build their business reputation thought online, it means everyone wants to publish their business online for that they need Web Developer. In the future world, every business will want to make their own website so that’s why it creates a huge opportunity for those who did the Web Development Computer course after 12th.


Certification In Web development Includes:-


  • Certification In Android development:- This is also a very big need for current and future world. Because most of the people are willing to spend their time on android application compare to the online website. That is why many of business owner want someone to create their website to the application or new application. If you got certified in Android Development then you can make any types of business or service application and earn huge amount of money from that.

There are some of main components you need to learn in android development course:-

  • JAVA
  • Information About XML
  • Android SDK
  • Android Studio
  • APIS
  • DATA Bases
  • Material Design etc.
  • Certification In Photoshop: – Certification in Photoshop is also a good choice for you after 12th. There are many types of Photoshop job openings in the market. Every website developer needs someone who can edit or customize photos for their websites And also in many of event like marriage functions will create more demand for Photoshop editor on many occasion. So you can also do this Computer course after 12th.

                 Photoshop course contain following Components :-

  • Introduction Of Photoshop
  • Working This Images
  • Colour correction
  • Creating Special Effect etc.


  • Others: – There are many other courses which can you do after 12th According to your choice or you can              

                         also discuss with your teacher, parents, elders. Following are some Degree courses from which            

                         you can select to get better job opportunities:-BE or B. Tech In Computer Science And Engineering

  • Tech In IT
  • BCA
  • BSc In IT
  • BSc In Computer Science
  • BSc In Animation And Multimedia etc.
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