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New Technologies Are Introduced Here To Children To Upgrow In PHP Training In Jalandhar. This Is The Place – Where You Think Logically And Practically By Own-Self. The Way To Teaching Is Perfect Which I Haven’t Seen Anywhere. Anyone Can Enhance Their Confidence In Development With No. Of Classes Over There… This Is The Best Php Institutes In Jalandhar. I Prefer To All My Nearby People To Join This Institute. I Am Sure You Happy After Joining This Institute. Digiengland Provides Best PHP Training In Jalandhar.

Modules For Best PHP Institute In Jalandhar 

Introduction To PHP

In the Initial Stage of your PHP Training in Jalandhar, you will learn some very basic terms related to PHP. Some Technical terms such as

  • What is a web server
  • What is client-server architecture
  • HTTP vs https & request response
  • PHP as open source
  • what is domain / DNS / IP address
  • create your own web server
  • how to install MySQL server
  • important HTML Tags
  • Important CSS Styles

PHP Fundamentals

In the second phase of php industrial training in Jalandhar, you will learn all the basic as well as advanced fundamentals related to this programming language such as:

  • Apache installation
  • Installing sublime text or Dreamweaver
  • Php data types : variables, scope, php constraints
  • Php expressions: PHP operators embed PHP in HTML, etc


  • PHP Introduction
  • PHP Basic
  • How to Install PHP
  • Basic Syntax of PHP
  • PHP Variables & Data Type
  • Date Time Function
  • Regular Expressions
  • PHP Operators
  • PHP Arrays
  • String Handing in PHP
  • Session And Cookie
  • PHP Function
  • PHP Forms
  • File Handling
  • PHP $Get Method
  • PHP $ Post Method
  • Server Method
  • Request Method
  • File Upload
  • Form Action
  • Form-Based Query
  • Form Validation


  • Introduction to MYSQL
  • Creating MYSQL Connection
  • Creating Database & Tables
  • MYSQL Queries
  • Data types in SQL
  • MYSQL select
  • Maintain data in a table by using: INSERT, UPDATE statement, DELETE statement
  • Use Where
  • Use wildcards
  • Use the IS NULL and IS NOT NULL keywords
  • Use the ORDER BY clause
  • Use the DISTINCT keyword
  • Use aggregate functions in queries
  • Viewing database
  • Deleting the database
  • Renaming database
  • Insert rows into tables
  • Delete tables
  • Altering tables
  • Backup of database etc


Advance PHP

  • Object-oriented Programming with PHP
  • Class and Object
  • Public, Private, Protected Modifiers
  • Constructors and Destructors\
  • Patterns
  • Magic Methods
  • Inheritance and Interfaces
  • Polymorphism



  • Installing WordPress
  • Admin / Dashboard panel basics
  • Installing your theme
  • Edit general settings
  • Using Categories and Tags
  • Customizing your Dashboard Using Widgets
  • Converting HTML Theme Into WordPress Theme
  • Creating Customized WordPress Plugin







2.It Is Really The Best Experience To Being Part Of This Institute. When I Had Joined This Institute In A Week I Know My Decision.The Best Thing You Will Get There Is ..Individual Attention And Teachers Provides You The Platform To Enhance Technical Skills Which Are Practically Required For Your Career Growth.It”S Really A Skilled & Professional Web Designing Learning Institute. I Learn PHP Training In Jalandhar And I Have A Great Experience To Learn PHP As Well As I Improve My Skills In Developing The Website In PHP Here Sir Help Me To Develop My Website And View My Website Too Much Creative. Here Tech Me About Ranking My Website To An Upper Page As Using All SEO Rules. Thank U Shiv Sir…….


3. This Is The Best PHP Institute In Jalandhar Here You Can Learn Here Various Computer Courses Like PHP Course Computer Basics, Web Designing, Photoshop, Corel And SEO Draw Etc.I Am Learned Here About PHP I’m Doing A Good Job With Their Great Knowledge Of PHP Language. I Learn More Things That Help Me In My Future.My Experience Are Very Good At DIGIENGLAND. It Is A Very Good Institute. That Provide Awesome Training Good For Future.It Helps Me A Lot…..Digiengland Provides Best PHP Training In Jalandhar.

4.I Have Joint Last Two Months, The Good Things Are The Flexibility For Timing And With Friendly Staff. All Staff Has Behalf Like As A Friend. A Good Memory In This Institute Is Sir Help Me To All Types Problem .Not Only About Php.Here Sir Help Me. And Full Support For Me.I Is Very Satisfied With Teachers & Modules That I Learned. The Peaceful Environment Is Provided Over There.

5.They Provide Genuine Web Designing Course In Jalandhar,  Best PHP Institute In Jalandhar  To Learn Deep Knowledge for Web Designing. Faculty Here Teaches In A Very Good Way And Also Helps Students To Enhance Their Knowledge. The Guidance Provided Here Is Just Superb And Detailed Too. DIGIENGLAND Staff Is Always Ready To Help Their Students. Here Teachers Here Are So Skilled At Their Work And Provide You The Guidance So That You Can Excel In Future. A Good Experience Of Learning. I Have Done Around 5 Courses From This Institute In The Last 2 Years Which Have Helped Me Uproot My Performance. Thanks A Lot To The Staff Which Is Cooperative And Helpful At The Same Time.Digiengland Provides Best PHP Industrial Training In Jalandhar.

6. Enjoyed Coming Every Day To Php Industrial Training Institute In Jalandhar.Because The Method Of Teaching Here Is Interesting And Challenging. My Overall Experience In This Institute Solutions Was Far Better Than Any Other Institute. The Best Place To Gain Knowledge And The Staff Is Very Cooperative. Enjoy My Training Session Here ????. Good Teaching Environment…Bit Hustle In Timings But All Good????.Really Amazing Teaching Staff…Showed Me Right Path For Me.



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